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Different People, Ideas and Designs

Our architects and interior designer are available to you to realize your personal touch.


Architecture and design is a life´s work

To lead the people to the right path to make him his short life on earth as pleasent as possible. Each is a unique in a variety consciousness. Therefore, it requires that each unique is tailored to their individual needs.


No 1 Best Log Home Manufacture (2019) No 1 Best design Award (International Homes) No 1 Best exporter (Award by Government) No 1 Dream house of the year (Bellevue) No 1 Largest log home & log cabin resort of the world (Norway) No 1 Largest log home & log cabin ski resort (Lesotho Süd Afrika) TOP BRAND among the log house producer. Perfect partner for planning, architecture, design. Internationally renowed consultant regarding wood.

Each house is a unique

Each one is unique with different living dreams. Therfore, it needs to fulfill its individual needs.

Harmony down to the last detail

Everything harmoniously adapts to the wood, in the bathroom, kitchen, dining, living and sleeping room.

Natural colors and light

Through the natural coloring and reflection of wood, in combination with interior design, the soul can dangle.

Can be combined

All materials combinable with wood, can not represented here. Let us advice you relaxed.